Dear Friends,

It may look inappropriate in some ways, but can’t stop myself from this self-congratulatory post… 🙂 I had written a post on Banks NPA a few days explaining the whole issue in a more holistic manner. The link is –

Bank NPA… (Part II)

And a preliminary one –

Banks NPA – A Primer… (Part I)

The views were based on the little that I have learnt and understood over the years.

Feel pleased to share an article below where RBI Governor, Dr Raghuram Rajan has shared the same views.

RBI chief blames ‘overall economic downturn’ for bad loan issue as PAC asks to explain ‘real causes’

While I can’t claim to as wise as him but certainly do believe I have some little grey matter..! And hope to use it to give proper insights to my readers. So guys, stay tuned. I do hope to continue to give you short, easy to understand posts on key current issues related to Indian Economy & Business. And I am sure it will go a long way in generating interest not only among students but also among non- finance people/ other beginners and developing better understanding of this subject…

And more importantly, spread the word. Get others also on to the bandwagon. So that, I continue to do what I love the most and don’t have to search for a job again..!



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