Understanding “Compensatory Tariff”..

Honourable Supreme Court's decision last week disallowing "Compensatory Tariff" to Tata Power and Adani Power brings back this power sector invention into limelight. The compensation had earlier been awarded to these companies by the Appellate Tribunal for Electricity (Aptel) to compensate for unforeseen increase in the cost of generation.

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Strengthening Manufacturing – Case of Apparel and Leather Industries…

The push to Indian Manufacturing sector and 'Make in India' campaign can receive a boost from some key sectors whose growth has preceded the growth of the economy across the world in recent times. These are Apparel and Footwear offering significant opportunity to accelerate employment generation and boost growth as per the Economic Survey. A look at the dynamics of these sectors..

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Wind Power – Gain With The Wind…!

The completion of auction for wind power at record tariff of less than Rs 3.5 per unit marks a new beginning for wind power, close on the heels of gains in Solar Power. While this is certainly an important milestone, there would still be challenges ahead and it may be too early to celebrate. A look at the dynamics of wind power..

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Startups – The Churn Continues..

The startup ecosystem continues to face grave challenges resulting in huge layoffs and closing down. The latest in the list is layoffs at Snapdeal and closing down of stayzilla, a provider of homestay option for travellers. A brief look at the whole business..

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Resolving NPAs – Understanding Asset Rehabilitation Agency..

NPAs of the banking sector, especially the public sector continue to remain high, estimated at about 12% for PSBs. While various measures have been taken to resolve the issue, none seems to have worked so far. This has led to the proposal of creating a public sector asset rehabilitation agency (PARA) by the Economic Survey, also supported by RBI. How would PARA operate and can it solve the problem. A look..

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Vodafone-Idea Merger Proposal – The Rationale..

The confirmation by Vodafone Plc recently that it is in talks with Idea Cellular for potential merger of Vodafone India is another big churn in the Indian Telecom sector. While R-Jio's entry was expected to disrupt the market, that the second largest player would call it quits is unanticipated and quite shocking. A look at the rationale for the deal..

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Towards Energy Security – India’s Strategic Oil Reserve…

The agreement between India and UAE to facilitate filling of crude oil strategic reserve is diplomatic coup of sorts, for India as it gets a commodity so precious to the nation and so much in abundance with UAE. A look at the concept of strategic oil reserves and India's preparedness..

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Understanding India’s Insurance Sector..

The cabinet approval for listing of five general insurance company is a smart move which would not only mop up some money for the government but also pave the way for listing of LIC, the insurance behemoth. Further, this would bring about greater transparency and visibility to their operations. Despite having total investments of nearly Rs 27 lakh crore, almost one-fourth the size of entire banking industry, sector’s financial details receives very low attention in the mainstream media. A brief look at aggregate indicators of the sector.

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