Startups – The Churn Continues..

The startup ecosystem continues to face grave challenges resulting in huge layoffs and closing down. The latest in the list is layoffs at Snapdeal and closing down of stayzilla, a provider of homestay option for travellers. A brief look at the whole business..

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India’s Space Odyssey…

The successful launch of as many as 104 satellites in one go, the maximum so far in the world, is another big feather in the ISRO's (Indian Space Research Organisation) cap. It has been a long, successful journey for ISRO over last four decades which has gathered pace lately. A look at India's journey so far..

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Dear Friends,

It may look inappropriate in some ways, but can’t stop myself from this self-congratulatory post… 🙂 I had written a post on Banks NPA a few days explaining the whole issue in a more holistic manner. The link is –

Bank NPA… (Part II)

And a preliminary one –

Banks NPA – A Primer… (Part I)

The views were based on the little that I have learnt and understood over the years.

Feel pleased to share an article below where RBI Governor, Dr Raghuram Rajan has shared the same views.

RBI chief blames ‘overall economic downturn’ for bad loan issue as PAC asks to explain ‘real causes’

While I can’t claim to as wise as him but certainly do believe I have some little grey matter..! And hope to use it to give proper insights to my readers. So guys, stay tuned. I do hope to continue to give you short, easy to understand posts on key current issues related to Indian Economy & Business. And I am sure it will go a long way in generating interest not only among students but also among non- finance people/ other beginners and developing better understanding of this subject…

And more importantly, spread the word. Get others also on to the bandwagon. So that, I continue to do what I love the most and don’t have to search for a job again..!



Thank You…!

Dear Friends, We reach an important milestone of 500 Followers and Facebook “Likes” precisely a week, after we went live..!! Thank you all for your warm support and appreciation. Thanks also to all those who have helped me in building this site and in reaching out to other readers… 🙂

Would like to quote two of the feedback I have received –
“A layman like me found it easy to understand. I hope this goes way ahead”.
“Articles published on website are very simple to understand and have not used complex jargon which we usually find in other website.”

For a work just 2 weeks old, that’s really gratifying. But I think it is just the beginning and we have a long way to go. Soon, I shall be adding two different sections. One, on lessons from failed corporate plans/ strategies and second, on Industry trends, based on pure numbers and analysis. The second section would come with the excel work sheet used in the analysis, so that the reader can also input his/her numbers, extrapolate the results and generally play with the numbers..!
I am sure, that would generate greater interest among the readers and help in enriching our knowledge.
So, thank you all once again. Stay tuned and if possible, please spread the word…:)